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Equipping "witnesses...
to the ends of the earth"
since 1982

 How long does it take to go through your Spanish program?
This depends on how much time you can devote to study and practice. The more contact hours you can have with the language, the faster you will progress. We recommend the goal of one level per month for the self-study student. This might require 3-5 practice and study sessions per week @ 1-2 hours per session.  back to top

 Do I get a receipt with my order?
All charge orders will generate an immediate e-mail receipt from our site. If you feel your receipt is incorrect or have any questions, please e-mail or call us.  back to top

 Do you actually teach and offer language classes at Logos?
No. Logos is a non-profit organization which offers Christian foreign language learning materials for self-study, homeschool, or use in churches. We do not teach classes in person.  back to top

 Can I make copies of your materials?
All Logos Language Institute materials are copyrighted and may not be replicated or reproduced in any form. Downloaded copies of the programs may be reproduced for personal or home use.  back to top

 What is Logos Language Institute's Privacy Policy?
We do not release or sell customer information. All information customers enter into our website is protected in transmission by Thawte(t). Some information is analyzed on our website for stastistical and marketing purposes, e.g., search engine source, time of day ordered, etc. But we do not collect or store e-mail addresses or other personal information except to display for customer convenience when they sign on to our website. Please note the following exceptions: When we must do so to comply with the law and cooperate with law enforcement agencies When we work with other companies and agencies for fraud protection.  back to top

 What's the best way to learn another language?
Learn and little, use it a lot! Combine studying an excellent course like ours and practice with native speakers. For example, attending a Spanish-speaking church is extremely helpful. Watch movies in the language! Travel to a country, if possible. Reach out and socialize! Use whatever you know!  back to top

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